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In 1886, the iconic BAHCO brand was born. Today, it is still a symbol of quality.

Following the establishment of Göran Fredrik Göransson’s steel factory in 1862, the European steel industry saw a protracted period of low pricing for general steel and crude steel products in the 1870s. The prices for treated steel were substantially lower, which sparked interest in further processing the steel. The existing steel rolling mill was converted to manufacture milled steel in 1876.

When saw blade manufacture began in 1886, there was a need for a trademark that could express the blades’ unique qualities and quality, and the decision was – predictably – the fish and hook.


It was clear that steel of the quality used for fishing hooks was also ideal for saws and other cutting equipment. It was a huge benefit to have a company logo that didn’t include any letters, language, or complicated numbers, making it a simple sign to recognise. As late as the 1950s, boreal forest workers could still be heard asking for a saw “with the small fish,” as is still the case today in nations with low literacy rates.

A fishing hook should be firm and powerful, but not fragile. Producing the combination “hard but tough” at the time was an inconsistency and complex metallurgical problem, but Göransson’s steel mill’s “Bessemer steel” produced perfect quality.

The Company Behind Bahco:

SNA Europe, a division of Snap-on Incorporated, is the leading pan-European maker of hand tools and saws.

They develop and produce tools and saws for the most demanding professionals, with a strong emphasis on innovation, performance, and ergonomics. SNA Europe have been introducing the most modern tools in the world for over 165 years as innovators, and we sell through distributors with whom we have long-term ties. Bahco goods are primarily made in their own factories situated around Europe and distributed to professionals distributors, such as Red Box Tools. To supply the greatest quality tools to us, SNA Europe share shared principles on safety, health, quality, and ethics throughout the business.

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